HVAC Engineers & Technicians


  Are you looking for experienced HVAC personnel?

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GlobalHVAC will provide:


  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • HVAC

  • Process Control (PLC)

  • Drafting (clash detection exp)

  • All-rounders

  • Fly-in Fly-Out Staff

  • Back to Back continuity.

  • Short or Long Term Contracts

To facilitate;

  • Pre-Commissioning

  • Commissioning

  • Site-Surveys

  • Air Balancing

  • Water Balancing

  • DX Systems

  • Conformance verification

  • Maintenance Repairs/Fitting

  • Documentation - O & M Manuals Collated


  • Globally

  • We have personell based in Europe & Australia.


.hvac Commissioning
gjm technicians ensure that all plant supplied is operating to design parameters optimizing 

         plant performance 

         comfort conditions

         pressurisation criteria

         safety systems

All equipment is adjusted and  checked to ensure efficient and safe operation of systems. Our technicians are available onshore and offshore worldwide. We are fully conversant with Oil and Gas operating procedures. Our team also hold current safety/survival certification and medicals

Our experience technicians can provide detailed reporting and efficient fault finding.
Their thorough investigations will ensure that all plant associated problems can be rectified in a timely economical fashion.


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