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kashagan LQ, South Shields UK.

Part of the giant North Caspian Sea project. Hub 1 LQ Barges designed in Aberdeen, built and pre-commissioned at McNulty Offshore in South Shields. GJM was is involved with the installation and accelerated construction phase. 2005 - 2006.

bayu undan, Connoco-Phillips - Timor Sea
Ongoing Maintenance and callout repairs conducted on behalf of our client. 2005.

Shah Dinez Platform, BAKU - BP Technip

On station HVAC commissioning and signoff. 2006

Orlan Platform, Exxon - Nogliki, Sakhalinsk
Routine & programmed  maintenance
 on behalf our client. Audit for proposed modifications. Rectify HVAC systems from a diverse range of vendors. 2006.
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Enfield FPSO. Samsung Heavy Industries, Geoje - Korea.

Soon to be (2007)part of the Enfield development off Exmouth in Western Australia. Commissioning of Living Quarters HVAC. 2005.

Panyu 4-2, Devon Energy - Pearl River Delta, South China Sea

Chiller breakdown and maintenance of HVAC systems on behalf of our client.2004.

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FPSO Bonga, Shell - Nigeria
Routine & programmed  maintenance 
on behalf our client. Audit for proposed modifications. Rectify HVAC & confirm systems operations from a diverse range of vendors. 2004

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FPSO Sea Eagle, Shell - Nigerian Delta
On station in the Nigerian Delta, This FPSO has had a chequered career. GJM provided on site service, maintenance and survey scopes to satisfy client and customer requirements. Recently however this area has become volatile and potentially unsafe. We are monitoring the situation, but until safety concerns are amended GJM are reluctant to return to the Delta. 2004

Platong Field, Gulf of Thailand
A small drilling platform constructed by CUEL at Liam Chabang Thailand for then Thai owner company ?????
 gjm commissioned initiated hand over on behalf of one of our preferred clients. 2003
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Belanak Natuna LQ - Dalian New Shipyard & mCdERMOTT, bATAM
This vessel was commissioned at McDermott shipyard, Batam Island - Indonesia. It is now on station in the Belanak Field.
gjm Australia conducted pre-comm., commissioning and facilitated hand over on behalf of our preferred clients. 2003
Belanak Wellhead A & B - Batam Island
Activities involved air balance and pressurization optimization for these "Sister Platforms". 
They are now offshore and can be located at these co-ordinates;
 "A" = 04 10' 57.17" N
106 4'  19.06"  E
"B" = 04 09' 22.52" N
106 11' 29.71" E
Belenak WHPA on Barge - Foggy Lense_8x6.jpg (52028 bytes)

Amenam FPSO - HHI Korea
LQ Commissioning activities undertaken by gjm Australia. Air and water balancing along with pneumatic  control actuation and instrument setting. gjm continued activities during the maiden "Tow" from HHI in Korea to Singapore. 2002

Benchamas - Gulf of Thailand
gjm Australia activities on Benchamas involved commissioning of workshop and control room HVAC.  This was part of a major platform upgrade in 2002. Signoff  facilitation and all balancing and pressurization settings optimised.

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